History of Americam Legion Post #275



Glenarden American Legion Post # 275


American Legion Post #275 was formed in 1954 under Commander Poland C. Brownlee and Adjutant Legault Banks. Application for a permanent Charter was made July 10, 1957. A permanent  charter, Registration No. 21,658 was issued August 28, 1957. Post #275 was granted permission to utilize the Glenarden Municipal Hall for all meetings and social functions.


Membership renewal between 1962 - 1965 failed to meet the Post obligation, which led to the suspension of the Post Charter. In 1965 - 1966, an all out membership campaign was launched along with membership renewal, which increased the membership to 45 paid-up members. An application for a temporary Charter was submitted February 2, 1966 and later approved. The Post applied for a permanent Charter again on October 20, 1968: this was approved with endorsement for the issue of our present Charter No. 23,194 dated October 30, 1968.


In January 1983, Commander Money L. Turner, with the approval of a majority of the membership present, was given authority to enter into negotiations with Mrs. Carol W. Preston and Mrs. Althea W. Watts for the purchase of their 40 year old brick home at 8201 George Palmer Highway (now Martin Luther King Jr. Highway) and Johnson Avenue.


 The site and location were of major interest for converting to an American Legion Post Home. On November 14, 1983, the American Legion Post #275 was, therefore, granted Special Exception (S.E. 3438) for use of the property and existing building as a Legion Post Home.


Later a major construction and rehab program was launched to convert the internal structure of the building. After considerable effort by the officers and members of post #275, with the assistance of many individuals and other Post, design changes were achieved to include a main hall, offices, kitchen area and bar area with approved equipment.


After years of project delays, Project Manager Leonard Smith completed the project and the new building was dedicated on March 25-29, 1992.